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Our Vision and mission statement

Our mission is to be the universal storehouse of written content produced by average people with extraordinary words to write.

Our Values

Words - We love words, and even in the advent of digital photography, video and various advanced communication technologies, we are passionate about promoting the written word and believe this remains the most effective medium for sharing, informing, entertaining, exposing and impacting the world.

Love - We love technology, but love words even more. Throughout human history, the written word has been the most reliable form of communication, entertainment and record-keeping. Written on scrolls, clay tablets, stones, rags, paper and now high tech devices, words remain the central theme of technology;- think of your word processors, your mobile devices. We hope to express our love for words by providing you with the best possible services.

Sharing – We believe in sharing, and believe if you share your original content with others, they will respond in kind and you will be amazed how many people you’ve impacted.

Our Services

Share your Content

We provide a platform for users to access, share and sell their written content to the general public and we aim to be a go-to side for all things written; whether novels, essays, scripts, poems, music lyrics or classified/leaked documents which may be available to share. Users can upload raw, uncensored original content, copyright-free classics, books, texts, novels or any other written material that may be available to share. Whether your content was professionally edited or not it doesn't matter, upload your content and let others decide on the merits of your work. In short, we aim to be to the written word what "Youtube" is to videos.

Sell your Content

If you have written a novel, a poem or a movie script, upload a sample of your content and sell your work at the price of your choice. We are not a publishing house but simply provide a platform for users to share or sell their content, whether raw or polished.