Do You Believe in God

I'm down on my knees thanking You
My palms and my eyes facing the sky
You proved to me once again
You were right here with me
Listening to my prayers.

You have sent me signs before
Some call them internal signs
Little do they know of Your existence
When others state that You have died
You are proving to me, 
coincidence after coincidence, 
that You are listening.
That You will have the whole universe 
conspire on my behalf 
to satisfy, not just a caprice, 
but to only get what I've earned
by investing my soul for months.
I know what to do with this now.

Enlightenment and health is all I'm asking
Not wealth or beauty or career
Enlightenment to make wise choices in life.

When all else fails, 
I treasure Your gifts: 
my three angels
and You in my heart. 

- CeCe Lamberts