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Project Proposal

·  Site Title – Working title for the site must be specified

·  Developer – Student name and number

·  Need – Describe the need the web site will satisfy

·  Rationale or focus – Explanation of the content and goal of the site is given

·  Main elements outline – The main features of the site is described

·  Content – An estimate of the number of pages of the website is given

·  Target audience – A description is given of the audience that will be using the site

·  Design considerations – At least 3 elements are listed that will be considered when designing the site

·  Limiting factors – At least 3 technical or audience factors that could limit the design goals of the site is listed

·  Development schedule, milestones, and deliverables – using your study schedule as a basis, build a development schedule that indicates milestones and deliverables.

·  Mission statement

·  Tool used to determine site’s success in meeting its goals

·  Tool used to determine user satisfaction

·  Indicate technological issues that may influence site's development or function

·  Permission Letter